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Image by Afif Kusuma


Perfecting the art of distillery

Pull The Pin... and create something wonderful

We believe If you're going to do something you do it wholeheartedly and do it well. 


We never cut corners - we source the best all-natural ingredients for our products, even if that means more time and cost. There’s no shortcut to success. Tom's spent many an hour at our mini-still, his happy place, testing and perfecting the balance of flavours and spices that make our spirits the best we can possibly offer.

We focus on flavour, quality and respect for our ingredients every step of the way.

#2  Quality natural ingredients

We know that the better the ingredient the better the flavour, so we only work with the highest quality, all-natural spices and fruits..


Our spirits are hand-infused with real spices and botanicals - we don't believe in shortcutting the process and we know investing this time and attention is the only way to achieve quality and a perfect finish.


Getting the blend of flavours right has taken months and years of experimentation with ingredients and the mini-still. We've lost count of the number of versions we taste-tested before we created something we are proud to share with the world. 

We didn't just add cinnamon to our Spiced Rum - we tested endless strains of the spice, we trialled various ways of preparing it, we considered replacing it or combining it with cassia bark, we tweaked the heat of the infusion until, finally, we knew that our cinnamon flavour was the very best we could bring to the blend.


Each one of our all-natural ingredients went through this process of finding the optimal way to make the most of its flavour. We know it's the care we've put into the choice and use of our ingredients that makes for an amazing product.

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#1  The purest start

Historically, spices have often been used to hide a ‘bad’ or ‘impure’ rum, but that's not Pull The Pin's style! Instead, we've chosen to always start with quality.


We create our spirits using an especially pure and light, white Caribbean rum. This gives a base which lets our spices and flavours really shine through in every bottle we produce.

When sourcing our spirits, we partner with producers who have perfected their art. Working the fine line between purity and flavour can be a tricky and delicate science, and we immensely respect distillers who take the time and care to achieve this ideal balance.

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#3  Innovative processes

We love the smoothness of barrel-aged rums from the Caribbean. A unique flavour is created when alcohol draws out naturally-occurring chemicals from oak barrels and gradual micro-oxygenation creates a wonderful mellowness in rum.


But this is the UK and, let's face it, we just don’t have the warm and humid climate of the islands that this barrel-aging process needs. Plus, each time they're used, the magical flavour-inducing power of the barrels weakens.


Never discouraged when we’re told things can’t be done, we dared to find a different way. We knew there had to be something we could do to bring an oak-aged quality to our rum in un-tropical weather and without losing our consistency of flavour. With just a little creative thinking and touch of innovation we found our answer - we hope you enjoy the result!

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#4  A hand-finished product

It's the human touches throughout our process that make us different.


From hand-printed bottles, to hand-infused spices, to hand-finished stoppers, we're offering something that's worlds apart from other mass-produced products.


Our iconic pin stopper makes for a unique drinking experience. We love the pop of opening a bottle of Pull The Pin - its the sound of living every day to the full and celebrating the small wins in life - and it's only by hand-finishing every one that we can bring you the immensely satisfying experience of Pulling The Pin on your very own bottle.

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